The Women's March is a national movement to unify and empower everyone who stands for human rights, civil liberties, and social justice for all. We gather in community to find healing and strength through tolerance, civility, and compassion. We welcome all people to join us as we unite locally and nationally. Join us on January 21, 2017.

EVent Details

Time: 10AM -3PM
Starting Location: City Hall
Ending Location: Cesar Chavez Plaza
No tickets required. Please register for the event on Eventbrite.

March Route Details

Miles for the march route: 0.7 miles of flat terrain.

Amount of portable toilets: 2 Handicap Units, 21 Standard Chemical Toilets - There will not be portable toilets along the march route.


Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Please plan according to the weather conditions. Bring water, snacks, sunscreen.

Accessibility Details

ASL interpreters will be present during the rally.

The street routes are ADA compliant and the plaza itself is ADA compliant, allowing for wheelchair access.

There will be help (volunteers/med professionals) along the way if people fall too far behind & need assistance.

There are no rest stops (seating) along the march route.

Marchers can enter or leave the march route at any time. The path will not be blocked off completely.

No seating will be available at the rally. Marchers are welcome to sit on the grass in the park.

Transportation and Parking

Why you should use public transportation to get to the march:

Parking in downtown San José is scarce, especially during big events.

Parking in downtown San José is expensive. 

There is metered parking, but you probably will not be in a good position to feed meters.

Here is the parking map for downtown San Jose. some parking lots, such as the City Hall parking lot, will most likely be closed on the day of the event.

Park and Ride

There are Park and Ride lots throughout Santa Clara County. Meet up with friends, park your car(s), and use public transportation to get into the city center. Here is a link to a map showing park and ride locations:

Charting Your Route:

The best way to chart your route on public transportation is to use Google Maps ( At the end of this document is a series of screenshots showing how the Google Maps system works (for anyone unfamiliar with it.)

VTA also has a planning tool at .

Be sure to specify Saturday in charting your route, as all public transit schedules vary on weekends. (For example, San José’s free DASH shuttle does not run on weekends at all.)


Buses and light rail rides are $2 each way, but there is no "free" transfer. To connect from bus to light rail or bus to bus, it would be another $2. 

However, with a Clipper Card, which is free and can be purchased in a variety of locations (including most Walgreens), Day Passes are available for $6 or $2.50 for seniors and people with disabilities. To qualify for the discounted prices, you must have a recognized form of ID (medicare card, VTA Discount Card, DMV handicapped placard computer print out, etc). 

CalTrain costs vary with distance. Clipper Cards also work on CalTrain (be sure to click off at end of journey--different than bus or light rail).

Disability Access: 

All of public transportation in Santa Clara County and the Bay Area is accessible for individuals with mobility devices, service animals, and other needs.


Buses have racks for bicycles.

Light rail has bike racks in some cars.

CalTrain has bike racks in cars designated for that purpose.

BART permits bicycles during non-commute times.

This link shows locations of bicycle racks in San Jose:

Bus Routes to SJ City Hall and from Plaza de Cesar Chávez within greater San José area: 

SJ City Hall (the start point of the march) is accessible via the VTA on bus routes 22, 23, 63, 64, 65, 68, 168, 201 all with about a .2 mile walk from the bus stop. City Hall is also accessible from both light rail lines, 901 and 902, with a .4 mile walk from the stop. Bus 522 (Rapid Eastridge) from the Mountain View/Palo Alto region is an express bus stopping at City Hall. 

Plaza de Cesar Chávez (the end of the march) is accessible on bus routes 22, 63, 64, 65, 181, 201. Each are less than a .3 mile walk to the bus stop. Both light rail lines are accessible as well. 

All buses and the 902 light rail, with the exception of 23, are available from Diridon Station, for those coming from other parts of the Bay Area. Light rail passes are good for 2 hours. So--while you cannot transfer for free from a light rail to bus, bus to light rail, or bus to bus, you can transfer from light rail to light rail. 

Light rail in Santa Clara County:

902: Mountain View-Winchester line

To City Hall: Get off at San Fernando. The walk from there is about .3 miles.

From Plaza de Cesar Chávez, walk .2 miles to the stop at the SJ Convention Center on San Carlos

901: Alum Rock to Santa Teresa (East San José to South San José)

To City Hall: Get off at Santa Clara South

From Plaza de Cesar Chávez: walk .2 miles to the stop at the SJ Convention Center on San Carlos

For individuals coming from outside San José: 

Coming from north on the Peninsula via CalTrain: 

CalTrain always stops at Diridon Station (see previous information on buses and light rail from Diridon Station to and from downtown). Nearly all trains on Saturday are locals (make all stops). From Diridon, connect with buses or light rail as described above.

Coming from the East Bay via BART:

Take BART to Fremont Station.

From that station, take Bus 181 Express San Jose to 2nd and Santa Clara (6 stops). .2 mile walk to SJ City Hall.

Coming from the East Bay/Great Mall Transit Center via Light Rail or bus: 

Bus 181 (Express) to 2nd and Santa Clara (3 stops) (walk .2 miles to City Hall) 

Light Rail 901, get off at Santa Clara South (walk .3 miles to City Hall)

Coming from the Morgan Hill/Gilroy/Los Gatos area:

Suggest park and ride option and connecting with transportation closer to the city center. (see link to map of park and ride locations)

Other tips:

Public transportation is safe, but as in all public settings, be aware of surroundings and keep track of belongings.

If driving and parking (either downtown or at a park-and-drive lot), be sure to put any valuables (electronics, packages, etc.) out of sight.

If you plan to leave your bicycle downtown in a rack: double lock your bicycle (U-lock plus cable/chain lock). Due to proximity to San José State University, bike theft is common.

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