Deadline to register to vote in the November midterm elections is October 22, 2018.

Your vote matters and so does your voice!

Only 54 percent of women in California are registered to vote (which is in the bottom third of U.S. states) and of that group only 45 percent turned out to vote in the 2016 election.

Last year, the Women’s March broke records across the nation as droves of Americans came together to mark the beginning of a national movement. This year, Women’s March Bay Area takes to the streets once more to fight for women's rights, human rights, social and environmental justice, and to encourage participation in the 2018 midterm elections on November 6, 2018.

Here’s where you can take action in a few easy steps:
Register to vote and show the world you’re committed to voting.

  1. Register to vote!

  2. Check voting policies in your state

  3. Verify your voter registration, by state

  4. Why are you voting? Whether it be for the right to your own body, or because you believe everyone deserves affordable college, tell us why you’re heading to the polls in 2018. Download and print out a commit to vote card, fill it out, and take a picture with it! Upload to social media using #HearOurVote and #womensmarchbayarea.

  5. Remember to Vote on November 6, 2018!

San Francisco

Next Election is the midterm election on November 6, 2018

Register To Vote by October 22, 2018

If you are not yet registered in San Francisco: 

  • The deadline to register to vote is 15 days before an election (October 22)

  • If you missed the registration deadline, you still have the option to cast a provisional ballot. More information

  • Key Election Dates and Deadline information

If you are currently registered in San Francisco: 

  • Re-register to vote to update your political party preference, name, or signature on file with the Department. The deadline to update your registration record is 15 days before an election (October 22)

  • Verify you are currently registered to vote in San Francisco

San Jose

  • San Jose election information

  • Verify you are currently registered to vote in Santa Clara county

California Secretary of State

  Federal Election


Hear Our Vote Campaign Goals

  1. Voter Registration

  2. Voter Turnout

  3. Local Organization

  4. Increasing women in office, especially women of color